2012-06-22 / Letters

Representative is a role model in Augusta

To the editor:

One of life’s big surprises comes soon after your child is born. There’s no manual on how to raise your child. You may call loved ones for advice, but more often you watch others and then follow your gut.

When you have a child with disabilities, all bets are off. The normal childhood upsets cannot compare to a child with a neurological disorder attempting to cope in a world that does not understand nor accept him. You don’t worry about your son making ‘As’, but rather what damage the bullies will do to him that day, because he’s the perfect target. The heartbreak you feel when your son asks why he never goes to birthday parties, knowing it’s because he’s never asked.

Parenting a child with disabilities goes in to a realm very few people truly understand. When parents find another family experiencing the same joys and heartaches of raising a child with disabilities, there’s an instant connection. Fortunately, we found that connection with Derek and Amy Volk.

Amy Volk has faced the challenges of parenting without reservation. She has made difficult choices, selflessly, to afford her children the nurturing, secure home life that has allowed them to flourish.

She has raised her children to be compassionate, studious and courageous. You see this in her daughters who have excelled in style, while remaining popular with their peers, helping other kids feel safe in making that choice. That takes a great deal of courage and strong sense of self.

Amy Volk is an amazing person, mother and someone I truly respect. I appreciate the role model she has become for all our daughters, by facing the challenges in Augusta as a state representative.

Thank you Amy, for all that you do. Tracy Murphy Scarborough

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