2012-07-06 / Letters

Candidate is a partner in state’s job creation

To the editor:

One of former governor Angus King’s many accomplishments was being a partner in supporting the private sector in creating jobs in Maine.

At the time Angus King was our governor, I was the manager at the Verizon Call Center in Portland. I had the honor and the privilege of helping to create more than 100 jobs in Portland.

This was a huge undertaking for Verizon and one that deserved recognition.

We reached out to the governor’s office, hoping that maybe he could join us for the official ribbon cutting ceremony of the newly created centers, and to address the Verizon employees.

It was not an election year, he wasn’t looking for our vote, and he asked nothing of us.

He accepted our invitation because he was sincere when he said he made it his priority to encourage job creation in our state, and he wanted to share in our excitement.

King’s visit to the call center put Maine on the Verizon map that day. To date, I do not believe any other governor in the Verizon footprint has ever attended a Verizon ribbon cutting ceremony.

But then, there is only one Angus King. Aren’t we lucky to have him here in Maine asking us to let him be our voice in Washington?

He is a man for the people, and his views on issues reflect those of many of us.

He has stated over and over again that as an independent candidate, “Only the people of Maine will tell me how to vote.”

We are fortunate to have Angus King on the ballot for United States Senate.

Paula E. Armstrong, former director, Verizon business sales and service centers Scarborough

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