2012-09-14 / Letters

Candidate is focused on representing district

To the editor:

Two years ago, I was approached by a campaigning Amy Volk and being new to the Scarborough community I was eager to learn more about her vision for District 127.

I have followed her progress over the past two years and commend her for her action resolving local issues as well as working with other house members on bipartisan legislature in the Statehouse.

Her legislative bills focusing on economic growth and brand imaging for the state of Maine will add much needed jobs to the state. Her continuous work to limit the tax burden on Maine seniors and emphasis on education will benefit all in our state.

Volk is not only focused on representing our district, but also continues to volunteer in the community and remain involved in our schools to ensure the future leaders in Maine have a positive role model.

Please join me in November by supporting the re-election of Amy Volk in District 127. Joe Carion Scarborough

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