2012-09-14 / Letters

Candidate proponent of efficient government

To the editor:

My father, Paul Aranson, should be your choice for House District 127 in Scarborough. He is a Mainer with Maine values.

Born and raised in Portland, he distinguished himself as an active community member, musician and young man of faith. After attending Brandeis University he returned to Maine to make the state his home. Five years after becoming a lawyer, my father was elected Cumberland County District Attorney at the tender age of 31 years, beating a 10- year incumbent.

As district attorney, he dedicated himself to vigorously prosecuting the guilty, protecting the innocent and seeking justice for the victims.

Since the end of his tenure as district attorney, my father has contributed thousands of hours of free legal services to Mainers in need.

A lifelong civil libertarian, he successfully represented the Chabad House of Maine, a Jewish religious institution, after misguided Portland officials sought to prohibit worship in their residential location.

Paul Aranson also found time to serve the spiritual needs of southern Maine, as the cantor at Temple Beth El during the 1990s. He has reached out to those of other faiths in respectful dialogue. As the joke goes around my house, “A priest, a reverend, a Rabbi, and an atheist get into a car … probably means Paul Aranson is having a Passover Seder.”

As important as my father’s past, are his commitments for the future. He is running our quality of life and unparalleled natural beauty make Maine the greatest state in the union. Daniel Roberts Scarborough

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