2012-09-14 / Letters

Is there a future for Scarborough seniors?

To the editor:

I hope Scarborough Community Services will rethink the cost for activities. I have a problem that it costs less to travel to Bangor ($20) than a trip to Fryeburg ($25). Other events seem quite expensive. I hope it will be cost-effective so we can all travel together.

Is it possible to print one sheet by month to be picked up in the office or maybe on the bus as you travel for current activities? I see it saving employees’ time, paper and postage.

I note that WOW is the sponsor for the current newsletter. Is WOW active? When and where do they meet? Can we work at getting local sponsors? I would like to call an open meeting of the seniors to speak for themselves. We all worked hard to save money so we could have our time as we aged. We have to make choices carefully.

I volunteer three different places weekly. I do care about people and everyone should be treated with respect. Barbara Laprino Scarborough

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