2012-10-19 / Letters

Candidate listens, then forms opinion

To the editor:

Re-elect Jessica Holbrook. She listens. Holbrook is a Scarborough native, raised and educated in Scarborough.

She listens and then speaks and always with reason for or against an issue. Her reasons are easy to understand.

She is not afraid to be different and does not follow the herd. She gets the facts and takes action. She communicates with people.

Holbrook is also a business lady with a hair styling operation which gives her the understanding of the needs of small business. She is a mother with two children and stays active with school issues and community needs.

With her experience on the Town Council, she will continue to take action with our town needs.

Re-elect Jessica Holbrook. Don’t let her get away. We need her on the Scarborough Town Council

Millard Hanson Scarborough

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