2012-11-02 / Letters

Candidate uses common sense

To the editor:

I am writing to offer my wholehearted support for Amy Volk’s re-election to the Maine House of Representatives, District 127.

My family has known Volk and her family for nearly 12 years. During this time, she has taken on an active role in the lives of her children and of the community. Whether she is attending a school function or volunteering in the community, Volk has shown how deeply she cares about the people of Scarborough.

Volk holds strong family values and a view that mirrors that of most of the constituents in our district. As our House Representative, she will represent the people of the district honorably and ensure that our voice is heard in the state capital.

Volk has the common-sense approach and drive needed to make a difference in our district and state. I cannot stress enough our confidence in Volk. I encourage you to join me in voting for Volk on Nov. 6. Dana Ricker Scarborough

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