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Adapted Home & Business helps you remain in your home

Accessibility can sometimes be as simple as changing door handles, or as involved as installing lifts or ramps. For either, the process of making your home or business compatible to aging family members or customers with disabilities begins with a call to Adapted Home & Business.

Adapted Home & Business is dedicated to “making sureweir customers lead full lives through better accessibility,” says Marc Fournier, Sales Consultant for the South Portland company.The practical details of access and compatibility are what Marc urges families and businesses to think about. “Families need to be planning now for their future, or for mom or dad.” Marc says. Time is of the essence when thinking about “Aging in Place,” which means growing old safely and comfortably while living at home.

Parents may not have to move in with their children, but installing grab bars, lifts, stair rails, or ramps in homes that aging family members may visit should be considered.

“Millions of Americans are living longer, more active lives.” Marc says.” Incorporating the philosophy of Universal Design into your home can greatly improve the visitability of your home for elderly or disabled family members. We have Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) that can evaluate your space and give you a detailed report recommending the perfect products and adaptations to meet your needs. It’s something every family should consider.”

With architects, service technicians, and occupational therapists on staff, a complete consultation from Adapted Home & Business for making a home or business accessible is readily available before any work begins. “For instance, having an architect on staff fully conversant with ADA standards makes us unique,” says Marc.“Building within ADA guidelines can help you expand your business to reach out to over 50 million Americans with disabilities. Giving access to that 20% of the population can be a huge boost to many businesses.”

The client list of Adapted Home & Business includes Bowdoin College, the State of Maine, the cities of Portland and South Portland; and many churches, schools, court rooms, and private homes statewide.

Because Adapted Home & Business consults, designs, and installs systems to make public buildings compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, they are also adept at home designs that combine access and aesthetics. “People want the highest level of access while making things as seamless and invisible as possible,” Marc says.

To learn more about services offered by Adapted Home & Business and Alpha One, call 1- 800-722-1371 or visit www.adaptedhomeandbusiness.com

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