2012-11-16 / In the News

Oral Cancer kills 1 person every hour of every day.

Did you know that periodontal disease has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, tooth loss and many other health conditions? Large worn fillings can cause cracked teeth and when cracked teeth break it causes additional treatment to be needed. Untreated decay will lead to future more costly problems, such as abscessing, root canal treatment and more costly crown work.

Oral Cancer kills 1 person every hour of every day. Regular dental visits help you and your Dental Professional find cancers in their earliest stages.

Most dental insurances run on a calendar year from January through December. Now is the time to reserve your dental appointment so you can get your dental care done and use the insurance money you have paid for.

Often, we have found patients postpone treatment due to fear, time constraints or the cost of care. We offer treatment with oral sedation (sleep dentistry) which allows you to have all of your treatment performed in one longer appointment with little to no memory of the actual treatment. This has proven to be a great advantage for those patients who are nervous or anxious about their treatments.

We also have interest-free financing with CareCredit for your out of pocket expenses. The application process takes less than 5 minutes and you can select a monthly payment that is comfortable for your budget. Whether it’s interest-free or extended plans at a competitive fixed interest rate, there is a plan available for everyone! Call today with any questions and to reserve your treatment time, (207) 985-3576. Visit our website at www.gdcmaine.com and also at Facebook.com/ gentledentalcareinc

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