2013-02-15 / Community News

Proposal seeks added industrial zone

By Michael Kelley Staff Writer

Scarborough Town Planner Dan Bacon said the town is in need of more industrial space in town. On Wednesday, Feb. 6, Bacon presented a proposal from the Long Range Planning Committee to the Scarborough Town Council that would change an area on the corner of Two Rod Road and Holmes Road from the Business 2 zone to a new Light Industrial Zone.

The area, which is bordered by Holmes Road to the north, Two Rod Road to the west and the Maine Turnpike to the southeast, is home to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, Cityside Auto Services, the old town landfill, residential properties, as well as undeveloped land.

Bacon said the 2006 Comprehensive Plan, which the Long Range Planning Committee is tasked with implementing, identified the eastern end of Holmes Road as a suitable place for an industrial zone.

“The Holmes Road Light Industrial Development District provides an area for small, light industrial type of development while reestablishing Holmes Road as an attractive gateway to the west side of town and limiting commercial development on Two Rod Road,” read the Future Land Use section of the Comprehensive Plan.

A rural and farming overlay would be placed over a chunk of property south of Kennebago Drive on Two Rod Road. This, Bacon explained, would allow the properties, currently zoned rural farming, to continue farming activities or be used as additional industrial land.

“It allows the property owners the ability to stick with the residential farming use, but also gives them the option of light industrial use if they care to make that happen,” Bacon said.

The new industrial zone would allow for manufacturing and assembly; research and light industrial; warehousing and distribution; heavy equipment repair and sales; auto repair; contractor’s yards and a number of commercial and nonresidential uses, such as offices and personal services.

Bacon said the Long Range Planning Committee spent time debating where access to the new industrial zone should be off Two Rod Road or Holmes Road. In the end, the committee recommended all developments must be accessed off Holmes Road, in part to provide better buffering between those uses and the homes that align Two Road Road. The committee, he said, also strongly encourages connectivity between the parcels, due to some of them being landlocked because of the Maine Turnpike.

Last year three neighborhood meetings were held at 8 Corners Primary School, not far from the proposed industrial zone.

“We tried to shape this proposal in light of questions and concerns we heard,” Bacon said.

Although it is something the Long Range Planning Committee has been working on for a while, last Wednesday was the first time the Town Council saw the proposal. After a brief discussion, the council voted to pass it along to the Planning Board for review. Bacon said this week the board is expected to address the zoning change Monday, March 11.

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