2013-04-05 / Letters

Disappointed with Town Council’s lack of discussion

To the editor:

I am extremely disappointed in our Scarborough Town Council and am wondering, once again, what exactly happens behind the scenes.

A unanimous vote March 20 placed yet another builder, John Dupont, on the Planning Board, ousting, with no explanation or discussion, Kerry Corthell, who has served diligently for two years.

Why was there no discussion about this replacement documented in the Appointments Committee meeting minutes? I understand neither Planning Board members nor planning staff were aware of the committee’s intention.

And why then, if two people spoke in public comments at the council meeting regarding this replacement and asking for the reasons, was there a unanimous vote to replace Corthell without comment or question?

A volunteer who has invested two years of service deserves an explanation. And the rest of us deserve a transparent Town Council, one that will conduct open discussion, answer questions in meetings when asked, and not make their decisions outside the public eye.

This vote demonstrates either a blatant lack of intellectual curiosity or a willingness to conspire. Councilors, with which brush would you prefer to be tarred?

Susan DeWitt Wilder

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