2013-05-24 / Letters

Parents silent during school budget process

To the editor:

The following remarks are in no way a reflection of the views of the Scarborough Board of Education and/or its administration.

Parents were silent on the budget. They neither made themselves heard at meetings nor at the polls.

The governor has proposed a budget that will cause our school district to sustain the biggest reduction in state monies of any other district in the state.

Members of our Town Council make sympathetic statements but are not willing to go to the mat for education in Scarborough – the parents are silent.

If the board must present a budget of 3 percent to send back to the voters on June 11, that will mean another $390,000 reduction. Can you imagine what that is going to look like? Will the parents remain silent?

This deep a reduction means reductions in staff. If I have my way, not one position will be reduced before we reduce funding for sports and activities. Will the parents remain silent?

I am extremely proud of our school district. We have done exceptional things with waning resources for years. Our sports teams have been highly successful, not only because of our students and coaches, but because of the financial and moral support of our parents and our community – the parents have not been silent.

I want our students’ academic achievements to exceed those of our teams – parents can not continue to be silent.

May 23, 6 p.m., special school board meeting on new budget; June 5, Town Council public hearing and second reading on school budget; June 6, absentee ballots available; and June 11, vote on school budget.

I suggest that we all take a close look at the school budget, think of our students, and get out and vote. Will our parents continue to be silent? Jacquelyn A. Perry, board of education member Scarborough

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