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Plans change for gas station

Amendments made to proposed Ginn Road convenience store
By Michael Kelley Staff Writer

Less than six weeks after getting approval for a gas station/convenience store, restaurant and diesel fueling complex on the corner of Ginn Road and Payne Road, representatives for Scarborough Property Holdings were before the Planning Board again Monday, June 3 to amend plans for the project.

The amended plan, which the board unanimously approved, eliminated the diesel gas station islands in favor of a car wash and vacuum stations.

The amended site plan also increased the size of the convenience store from 3,500 square feet to 3,850 square feet and slightly relocated the structure. A new picnic area with benches was added behind the convenience store.

David Latulippe said it was originally thought diesel stations would be needed in the area in part due to its proximity to Exit 42 of the Maine Turnpike, but a market study showed that diesel demand would not be as robust as expected.

The single-bay car wash, which Latulippe said will be similar in size to a 1.5 car garage, will be located on the southwest corner of the property, just before the vacuum stations.

“We have made the plan better,” Latulippe told the Planning Board. “We’ve reduced trip counts. We’ve reduced the amount of impervious surface so there is more green space.”

Planning Board member Jeff Thomas said he did not have a problem with the plan, but he did have a problem with the look of the vacuum stations.

“I am going to be blunt. Your vacuum stations are ugly, so let’s fix them so they aren’t as ugly,” said Thomas, who added he would like to see pitched roofs on the vacuum stations to match the pitched roof design of the other building in the plan.

Planning Board member Ron Mazer agreed with Thomas, saying he would also like to see more uniformity.

“I just want to make sure everything fits in architecturally,” Mazer said before the board voted to approve the site plan, pending staff approval of the design for the new vacuum station roofs.

Aside from approving the change at the development on the corner of Ginn Road and Payne Road, the Planning Board also gave Piper Shores the go-ahead to construct additional parking at the retirement facility. Eastern Carpet Cleaning also got the go-ahead to construct a 1,250-square-foot addition at its 63 Pleasant Hill Road location.

The Planning Board also approved a plan by NKB Properties Inc. to convert a 1,027 square-foot house and 438 square-foot garage at 248 Route 1 into office space and permitted Kerry Anderson to exceed the maximum height allowance to construct a new Cape Ann-style home in his Eastern Village development.

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