2013-06-07 / Letters

Residents in favor of strong schools encouraged to vote

To the editor:

I am writing to encourage all residents who want a strong school system in Scarborough to please vote. I was shocked to learn that our budget didn’t pass and was voted down as being too high.

That means the school budget will now be pared down – perhaps the loss of an art teacher or foreign language for our kids. I know life gets busy, but we have to make voting a priority. The night of the election, I was at my child’s concert at the high school with 500 other parents. If all those parents had voted, the budget would have passed easily.

In total, there were 643 yes votes and 898 no votes with only 10 percent of residents showing up to vote. School budgets are on the chopping block every year. Your vote makes a huge difference. Please vote on the next budget that is due out in the coming weeks. Chris Taylor Scarborough

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