2013-06-07 / Letters

Wentworth Intermediate School blood drive a success

To the editor:

Wentorth Intermediate School third-, fourth- and fifthgrade students from the north wing hosted a Red Cross Blood Drive May 22 at the high school. Before the drive, students learned about the blood donation process including the constant and continuous need to replenish the blood supply. They also learned there is no substitute for human blood. The only way to meet the need for it is through donations by healthy citizens 16 years and older. Students wrote letters to families, friends and neighbors to try and inform and recruit donors. A video was made as well that aired on local cable TV to promote the drive.

The results were excellent, with more than 130 donors presenting, leading to 103 productive pints being collected. There were 35 high school students that willingly joined the cause, including 30 first time students.

We would like to thank everyone that helped spread the word about our blood drive and extend an extra thank you to those that took the time to donate. Charlie Reichel, Wentworth Intermediate School fourth-grade teacher and north wing students

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