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Employees recognized for service to town

By B. Michael Thurlow Special contributor

Each year the town of Scarborough recognizes their full-time municipal employees for their various contributions to the community during the course of the year.

Traditionally, the event has taken the form of a recognition dinner at the Scarborough Grange, where employees who hit various years of service milestones were recognized by their department head.

The town provides a wide range of important services to the citizens of Scarborough and it takes a number of dedicated individuals to deliver those services.

As department heads, we constantly hear positive feedback about the level of service and assistance provided by our staff from the residents we serve.

We feel it is critical to pass that feedback along and recognize the great work that our employees do on a daily basis and this annual event provides the formal opportunity to do so.

In order to freshen the program and increase participation, our new human resource director came up with the idea to host an afternoon outdoors open housestyle family event with food, games and a chance for our employees to interact with their peers in different departments.

The event was held Thursday, June 13 at our public works facility and the turnout was impressive for the first year.

Town Manager Tom Hall and Town Council Vice Chairman Judy Roy thanked the employees for their great customer service during the past year and recognized individuals for attaining the following employment milestones during 2012 and the first half of 2013.

10 years

Andrew Clark, fire department; Jaime Higgins, police department; Teri Hodgdon, finance; Audra Keenan, community service; Don Laflin, police department; Dave Martin, public works; Tom Reinsborough ,code enforcement; Lisa Saulle, tax office; Mark Stults, fire departmernt; Glenn Tucker, police dpeartment; Andrea Zglobicki, community service.

15 years

Jolene Bouchard, public works; Artie Green, dispatch; Joe Pallotta, public works and fire department; Bob Peary, community services; Bruce Quint, fire deptment; Mike Shaw, public works

20 years

Bob Conlogue, fire department

25 years

Dave Grover, police department; Jay Nason, public works; Tim O’Brien, police department; Gene O’Neill, police department; Francis Plourd, police department; Ivan Ramsdell, police department.

30 years

Eric Berry, dispatch; Cathy Chandler, police department

35 Years

Dickie Collins, public works; Robbie Moulton, police department

45 Years

Jim Crowley, public works

As you can see, a number of these employees have been serving the community for many years and bring a great deal of institutional and historical knowledge to their jobs. Congratulations to those town employees who reached a milestone anniversary this year.

Thank you all for your service to the citizens of Scarborough.

If you have any questions about this article you may contact me at mthurlow@ ci.carborough.me.us or 730-4201. B. Michael Thurlow is fire chief for Scarborough.

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