2013-06-21 / Letters

Thanks for supporting Scarborough schools

To the Editor:

The following remarks are my own and do not reflect the position of the Scarborough Board of Education.

Thank you to the voters for your support of the budget.

I am thankful that more parents took notice of the situation than had during the first validation vote.

Scarborough had its highest turnout ever for a budget validation - thank you.

For those of you who opposed the budget because you think it is too high, please make an effort to visit our schools when they open in the fall.

I would be pleased to take you on a tour so that you can see your dollars at work.

I, too, am on a fixed income, but make educating our students a priority.

Thanks to all for your continued interest in our town and our schools. Jacquelyn A. Perry Member, Scarborough Board of Education

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