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Police break up drinking parties

Close to 20 minors were cited last weekend for consuming alcohol
By Michael Kelley Staff Writer

Perhaps as one last hurrah before heading off to college this fall, 18 minors in Scarborough were caught with alcohol and were cited for underage drinking Friday, Aug. 23.

Just after 1:50 a.m., officers were called to the woods off of Merrill Brook Road, where 10 minors were issued a summons for consuming alcohol.

Those cited included, Will Robert Lynch, who turned 20 that day; Ashley M. Ronzo, 18; Carly A. Hughes, 18; Michael A. Miller, 18; Brianna L. Haskell, 18; Cameron S. Bowker, 18; Anthony J. Cofone, 20; Gabriella D. Casale, 19; James P. Ek, 20 and Adam T. Ek, 18,

Adam Ek was also summonsed for possession of marijuana (usable amount) and sale or use of drug paraphernalia (uses to cultivate, make, traffic or ingest drug).

“We got a tip about people being in the woods and officers checked it out,” said Detective Sgt. Rick Rouse.

Rouse said police returned to the area— near the Scarborough/Saco line three hours later and charged Nikoli A. Pelletier, 18; Eric J. Woodberry, 18 and Macy A. Turcotte, 19 as minors consuming alcohol.

Rouse said no one would be charged with providing alcohol to a minor for either instance.

“They summonsed everyone that had been there. It was not in a residence, so there is no one that would be charged with furnishing liquor to a minor,” Rouse said.

The area, Rouse said, is “deep in the woods off of Broadturn Road and Merrill Brook Drive.”

He said many of the minors “fled upon police arrival.”

Rouse said he was not aware of other issues of underage drinking in the area, at least not in recent years.

Roughly 19 hours later, Scarborough Police broke up a party at a Ferry Road home at which minors were consuming alcohol. Rouse said the party, which took place at 24 Ferry Road, included both minors and those old enough to drink.

Michael S. Horowicz, 18 of Montclair, N.J.; Joseph Henry Doyle, 18 of Glastonbury, Conn.; Christian Sampson, 20 of Brookline, Mass. –– all members of the Bates College cross-country team –– were charged as minors consuming alcohol. Henry P. Wagner, 20, of Scarborough and a minor, 17, were also charged.

Tully R. Hannan, 22, of West Hartford, Conn. and another member of the Bates team was charged with allowing minors to possess or consume alcohol.

“An officer working in the area heard a party going on and checked on it and found there were minors there consuming alcohol,” Rouse said.

While those incidents did not mix drinking and driving, Scarborough police are cracking down on those who do. Recently the department received grant money to put an additional officer on duty from Aug. 16 through Sept. 2 to patrol for drivers operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Want to comment on this story? Login to our website at leader.mainelymediallc.com and let us know your thoughts.

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