2014-01-17 / In the News

At Last, a Non-Surgical Answer to ILL-Fitting Lowers Dentures!

Here at Denture Solutions, our denturist, Robert Palermo, utilizes a denture construction process to help correct and prevent the problems associated with ill-fitting dentures. This process is designed to give you the confidence of an intimate fit while maintaining a natural looking smile.

In addition, for most of those who are frustrated with the fit of their lower denture, we can implement a technique using a flexible material that can take advantage of areas a “normal” hard denture cannot access. Commonly, lower dentures simply do not engage all available anatomy of the lower jaw. However, our design utilizes all attainable anatomy to help “lock” the denture securely in place.

The result is a denture that feels like it anchors to your jaw without the aid of implants! With such a snug fit, you can add your favorite foods back into your diet and feel the confidence of a locking lower denture. Call to schedule a free consultation to see how this denture could be the “solution” to your lower denture problems.

For more information, please call 985 0210 or you can go to our website @ www.DentureSolutionsMaine.com

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