2015-02-13 / In the News

Council to check use of school savings

In November 2011, voters approved up to $39 million to construct a new Wentworth School. The Town Council subsequently lowered that number by $3 million and, in 2012, Arthur Dudley Contractor and Builder was awarded a $36 million contract to construct the school and the necessary infrastructure. Paul Koziell, chairman of the Wentworth School Building Committee — the volunteer group that helped to plan and design the school — told the Town Council Feb. 4 that approximately $35.5 million was spent, meaning $500,000 that was bonded was not needed.

Town Manager Tom Hall said the money could possibly be used for other capital improvement projects in the school district. Koziell said the money would be retained for after-warranty issues that pop up at Wentworth School.

Before anything is decided, Town Councilor Shawn Babine would like to get an opinion from Scarborough’s legal counsel as far as what can be done with the money. He said it may be a little disingenuous to voters if the money is used outside of Wentworth School, where the money was approved to be used.

In late December Scarborough School Department Business Manager Kate Bolton told the Leader that the Wentworth construction account will remain open until June 30, the end of the fiscal year. A final financial report, she said, will be presented this spring.

The Wentworth Building Committee was disbanded and officially relieved of its duties at the Feb. 5 Board of Education meeting.

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