2015-02-13 / Letters

Help shoveling out hydrants appreciated

To the editor:

I would like to thanks those people who took the time to shovel out fire hydrants near their homes.

Just after the blizzard we responded to a house fire where we had to shovel the hydrant before we could connect to it and supply the trucks with water. Luckily the fire was small enough that we were able to contain it with a small amount of water on our trucks.

That got me thinking, do people really know why we ask for their help shoveling hydrants?

Firefighters are taught that a fire can double in size every minute. If you think about it that means a fire in one room could be in four rooms in just two minutes.

Most Scarborough fire engines carry one thousand gallons of water. Sounds like a lot right?

Now take into consideration that our smaller fire hoses flow one hundred gallons every minute. So with two fire hoses running that one thousand gallons would last less than five minutes. The water in the fire engine is there to buy us time until we can establish a continuous water supply such as from a hydrant.

So you see, by clearing the snow away from the hydrant near your house you’re helping us and your neighbors to stay safe and protect your property. The sooner that hydrant is clear of snow, the less likely there may be a delay in getting water from the hydrant. Again, from all of us in the Fire Department and all your neighbors, thank you for helping us keep our community safe.

Lt. Mark Stults,
fire prevention officer
Scarborough Fire Department

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