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Current trash system is safe, clean, efficient

To the editor:

Thank you for your article in the March 20 Leader. I attended the meeting on Wednesday, March 25 as a result of reading your article.

You mentioned that trash collection is fully supported by tax dollars and a sector of the Scarborough residents residing in condos and on private roads don’t have access to curbside pickup.

I lived on Williamsburg Lane for more than 25 years, a private road, and it cost me $48 per year paid directly to Pine Tree Waste, and I had curbside pickup.

If this new idea is passed, the trucks will still not go down a private road, as that is not covered.

In addition, we had to negotiate snow plowing of our road also, as the town does not include private roads in their contracts. This did not prove to be a burden, but people should be aware that this trash change will not make the private roads accessible to the trash trucks.

With regard to condominiums, I am not sure how they handle their trash. People tell me they put their trash in a centrally located dumpster and the condo association makes arrangements to remove the dumpster and dump it.

I cannot see how curbside trash pickup is possible in most condominiums I have seen. And I seriously doubt that condo fees will be reduced if this new method is chosen.

Your article did not say how much these bags would cost. Taxes will not be reduced, condo fees will not be reduced, private road associations will still have to negotiate with the trash hauler to come down their road, and everyone’s cost of living expenses will increase by whatever the cost of these bags turns out to be.

I do not think this is more equitable for the Scarborough residents, but it does seem to be a money maker for the manufacturer and distributor of the bags.

The article stated that the same trash vehicles will be used to collect the bags. I am curious to see how the mechanical arms can pick up a vinyl garbage pick and deposit in the bin on top of the truck. Or are we to believe that another person will be added to each truck to manually pick up the bags, and throw them up on top of the truck.

Putting bags of trash on the curb will invite seagulls, crows and nocturnal critters to come see what is available.

This will lead to a large mess periodically on the streets of Scarborough, and will require an additional bag (costly?) to be used when cleaning up the spilled garbage.

If the bags are picked up manually, and one breaks before getting into the truck, or if the throw is off and the bag falls to the ground and breaks open, who is going to clean that up? I seriously doubt the driver will.

I feel strongly about this, because I used to use garbage bags, and all the possibilities I mention above actually happened during the years I used them.

The current system provides a safe, clean, and efficient method of removing trash, both solid waste and recycled items.

I opposed this change at Wednesday’s meeting and would hope that more details will be available.

Hopefully, Mr. Campbell will address our concerns. Thank you again for your article, and thank you for your time in reading my concerns.

Jack Fay

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