2015-05-22 / Letters

Improvement plan set after Community Dialogue

To the editor:

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to those community members, students, parents, staff, and municipal and civic leaders who participated in Scarborough Public School District’s Third Community Dialogue on April 30.

This third community dialogue, following the earlier dialogues in 2011 and 2013, was created to ensure that our current and future action plans are responsive to the needs of Scarborough students, their parents, our school community members, and the Scarborough community at large.

The dialogue process has been effective in building a local model of accountability – one that is student-centered and designed to meet community expectations.

The important considerations that emerged from our 2015 community dialogue will allow us to more clearly articulate, and to better prioritize, the key areas of work that will advance student-centered learning in Scarborough public schools.

Taken together with important student data and the knowledge of best educational practices, the school leadership team and school board will create and adopt our next 24-month improvement plan, for April 2015 through April 2017, a plan we will call the Student Centered Learning Plan for Scarborough Schools.

In what continues to be a challenging fiscal environment, it is critical that we are crystal clear about our priorities so that our resources and energy can be best directed to achieve these desired improvements. We will continue to keep the community informed about our planning and our progress.

The good news is the dialogue continues online. All of the proceedings and important considerations that came out of each of the 40-plus dialogues can be accessed online by way of a link on the Scarborough schools website (www.scarboroughschools.org).

An opportunity for additional input on all dialogue topics will be available here for those unable to get to all of the dialogues they had hoped to attend or for those unable to attend the event at all. The online link will stay active through May 26.

Thank you, again, to all those who made the Scarborough Public School’s Community Dialogue such a tremendous success!

George H. Entwistle
Superintendent of Scarborough Public Schools

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