2015-06-12 / Letters

Vote no until laptops are taken out of budget

To the editor:

I have been following the debate about buying each of our high school students a computer and have not seen or heard any evidence that this massive investment will result in positive measurable outcomes for our students.

In fact I have read that the successful use of technology in K-12 education has been unreliable and a distraction in the classroom. Technology is a tool not a solution. What matters is how it is used.

Ryan Craig, author of “College Disrupted” concludes that, “In K-12 education, the path of technology has been rocky – from computers in the classroom, to highspeed Internet connections in the classroom, to a laptop for each student, to Smartboards and now iPads – all without any demonstration of measurable outcome or return on the massive investment.”

In other words a lot more has to change to have computers make a real difference in helping students to learn. I’m a grandfather of two children in Scarborough schools and I want the best for them but from what I read and understand buying them and all students a computer in Scarborough is a waste of taxpayer money.

Vote no on the school budget until they take out the computer-for-every-student line item.

Ed Pettit

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