2015-07-24 / Community News

Kath Bartlett, MS, LAc of Bartlett Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine is an Expert that You Want To Use!

In October, 2012 a meta-analysis reviewing 29 high quality trials of acupuncture for pain treatment was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The largest analysis of acupuncture ever conducted involved 30-40 researchers from eight universities and hospitals in the UK, US and Germany, studying nearly 18,000 patients.

The data showed that Acupuncture is More Effective for Treating Pain than the standard of care: drugs, surgery and so on. In fact, in conditions such as arthritis and chronic headache, acupuncture was twice as effective as the drugs and exercise recommended by most doctors. This means acupuncture should be tried first for pain treatment.

Results: In the primary analysis . . . acupuncture was superior to both sham and noacupuncture control for each pain condition . . . Patients receiving acupuncture had less pain . . . for back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, and chronic headache, respectively . . .

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