2015-07-31 / Letters

Representative casts ‘defining vote’ of career

To the editor:

After what was a particularly undistinguished first year as state representative, last week Karen Vachon cast what will likely be the defining vote of her brief political career.

Maine voters have overwhelmingly voted for bonds to fund the highly successful Land for Maine’s Future program. Twice our governor has held those bonds hostage for his own political gain, which many see as an affront to our democratic process.

Moderate Republicans joined with Democrats to craft a bill that would have prevented the governor’s actions and followed the will of the people.

To no one’s surprise the governor vetoed this bipartisan bill. The Senate overrode the veto, but the override in the House failed by six votes, one of whom was Vachon.

Vachon has aligned herself with the extreme far right wing policies of Heather Sirocki and Amy Volk. It appears Vachon is supporting the governor’s abuse of our democracy.

Matt Powell

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