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Urge state reps to vote to override veto of LD 1378

To the editor:

Thank you, Sen. Amy Volk for supporting LD 1378. The governor has vetoed the bill and I encourage you and Rep. Karen Vachon to override his veto.

The governor is holding the Lands for Maine’s Future (LMF) bonds hostage as a political bargaining chip. Recently, the legislature voted by over two-thirds in favor of LD 1378. This bill would require the governor to release voter-approved bonds unless there are legitimate, nonpolitical reasons for holding them.

Maine voters have spoken. Sixty percent of Maine voters in 2010 and 2012 voted to invest these conservation funds. In Scarborough in 2012, 62 percent of voters supported the LMF Bond. Failure to override the veto would devastate conservation activities statewide.

LMF funding has supported local projects such as improving recreational and commercial access at the Pine Point Municipal Pier here in Scarborough. The new pier supports local fishermen and their families because it is three times larger than the previous facility and provides direct mechanized loading and offloading of vehicles. This enhanced commercial access is accompanied by unhindered recreational use at the original pier.

Broadturn Farm (formerly known as Meserve Farm) in Scarborough was also protected with the support of LMF. The Meserve family resided at the farm for nearly 150 years. Following the death of the owner, estate taxes threatened to force its sale. With support of LMF, the local land trust was able to keep this highly productive farmland working and ensure that the property will remain in agricultural use for generations to come.

These are just two examples of LMF’s benefits to the local community. Thank you, Sen. Volk, for voting in support of LD 1378. I urge you and Rep. Vachon to vote to override the veto supporting the will of Maine’s people and our community.

Agata Ketterick

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