2015-10-16 / Letters

Candidates offer ‘combination of abilities’

To the editor:

Ever since drastic cuts in state aid forced many town budgets – including Scarborough’s– into downward spirals, our town’s elected officials and professional administrators have faced some very difficult challenges.

Now, Scarborough’s voters have the chance to inject some much-needed perspective into the town council.

Chris Caiazzo and Robert “Will” Rowan have both entered this race with open minds and ears, meeting with many different local constituencies with different perspectives on a variety of issues. But of all these, no one can deny the public debacle that our annual budget process has become, and it’s truly a shame.

Disrespect, and even derision, has been expressed toward the very people who have committed their time, effort, and even careers, to doing the often thankless work of governing.

No one looks forward to a tax increase, and we all have to make adjustments to our household budgets when they occur. But Scarborough cannot allow the state’s ongoing refusal to fulfill its funding promises to municipalities to deny our students the quality education their predecessors received here just a few years ago.

The cuts cannot continue, and the process of rebuilding must begin. That process will be difficult, and will require true leadership. Chris and Robert both offer the combination of analytical abilities, creative problemsolving experience, and inclusive mindsets that our Council needs and our town deserves.

Absentee voting has begun. Your vote is important. Please cast it for Chris and Robert, and for our town’s future.

Katie and Cory Fellows

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