2015-10-16 / Letters

Council candidate is ‘helpful, open-minded’

To the editor:

Please vote for Michael Turek for Scarborough Town Council. Mike Turek is exactly what our town needs right now. He is not a polished politician. He is an honest, trustworthy, straight talking guy. Mike is one of us.

I am confident that Mike will represent all residents in Scarborough. It is critical that we maintain a balanced town council – and not one that will rubber-stamp the excessive spending requests we have seen over the past several years.

Mike has been an active and involved member of our community and is very knowledgeable about the many issues we face in Scarborough now. He has a vision of a Scarborough that can continue to thrive and grow, but in a sustainable affordable way – a Scarborough with an excellent school system with a reasonable and affordable budget for all.

Mike is thoughtful, open-minded and independent. Please give Mike your vote on Nov. 3.

Brian Kanode

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