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Don’t forget to address all problems that exist on Route 114

To the editor:

I have read the letters and articles about the folks who live on the section of Route 114 between Mussey Road and Route 1 and how the town and others feel about the traffic and road conditions.

Well, I live on the section of 114 that is really the forgotten section of the road along with the set of problems we deal with 24/7 and there are few words written that address our plight. Being a taxpayer and having skin in the game I wish to let the good citizens know what we are facing and ask when are we going to be included in the plan to upgrade the whole road, not just where the squeaky wheel rides.

We have hundreds of heavy trucks passing our homes at all hours of the day and night and few if any are driving the posted speed limit. Drop the speed to 35 mph and enforce it. This a highly populated area including all the side and feeder streets that empty onto Route 114 or Gorham Road as some call it.

Every afternoon any vehicle traveling to Gorham and points west and north finds a line of traffic from the golf course to Route 22 and beyond. A lion’s share of the heavy truck traffic turn to or from Payne Road and Mussey Road and never even drive on the section to Route 1. But this is just one thing.

The other big thing we fight is the lack of decent drinking water. A basic need for we the people, our children, and our animals. I would not dream of giving water from my well to my dog. It’s not fit to drink. It just qualifies to flush the toilet.

I have been hauling drinking water from the day I moved into this home. The water line was extended to the golf course from across the turnpike bridge and I would guess they had to pay the piper for that.

The only reason I know the line is there is because the fire hydrant is at their entrance driveway. It’s the last one in the line that I see going north. Going south they are along the road to Payne Road.

With no fire hydrants where I live and my neighbors live, our fire protection is lacking. A fire truck carrying its own water is very limited in capacity because of weight considerations.

Please take all of this to heart when the final plan is drawn up for the work on Route 114. We could use the help.

Michael Breton

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