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Town budget forum set for April 27

To the editor:

The annual budget development process for the town has begun in earnest. Since January, the municipal and school finance committees along with senior town and school staff have been meeting regularly to discuss common budget concerns and to improve communications between the two governing bodies. As the state, municipal and school budgets begin to take shape, we collectively agreed that in addition to the traditional public comment sessions offered by the town council, an additional opportunity will be provided for the citizens of Scarborough to more fully and openly engage in a discussion of the budget.

A town budget forum has been scheduled at Scarborough High School on Wednesday, April 27 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the high school auditorium. It is an opportunity for the two Finance Committees to present a brief overview of their respective, proposed budgets and then take questions from the public in an open but structured environment. Kevin Freeman graciously agreed to moderate the forum.

For the event to proceed smoothly and to cover as much information as possible within the given time, we respectfully request that you submit your questions electronically at www.scarboroughmaine.org at least three days prior to the event. Please remember to include name and address with questions. If you wish to receive a direct response, please also include a contact phone or email address. Questions in advance will allow the moderator time to organize the questions in a concise and coherent format. If you do not have access to an email account, note cards will be provided at the budget forum for you to submit your questions. As well, note cards will be available at town hall.

This is another opportunity for the citizens of Scarborough to actively engage in the budget process. Please come join us and participate in the process as it impacts each and every citizen in our town and will help shape the future of our community. A separate opportunity for public comment on the budget will be provided at the May 4 town council meeting.

Thank you and see you at the April 27 town budget forum.

Shawn Babine, Scarborough Town Council, Town Finance Committee chairman; Jodi Shea, Scarborough School Board, School Finance Committee Chairman

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