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Public Safety Awards ceremony always noteworthy

By B. Michael Thurlow
Special to the Leader

On Friday, April 29 the town’s public safety departments gathered for their annual joint awards ceremony to recognize outstanding work during the 2015 calendar year. The event is always open to the public and once again was well attended.

The departments recognized the following years of service awards:

5 years – Michael Haven, Brian Phipps, Benjamin Appel, Troy Cailler, Giovanni Mazzone, Ed Zsiga, Ian Theriault, and Joe Thornton;

10 years – Tim Cram, Shannon Mazyck, Michael Norton, Erin Sandler, Mark Searway, Michael Thurlow, Herbert Hughes, Rob Pellerin, Craig Hebert, and Peter Chadbourne;

15 years – Adele Jones, Jonathan Adams, Shawn Hebert, Luke Pennington, Daryen Granata, Tom Schneller, Shawn Anastasoff, Doug Weed, Josh Guay, and Chris Creps..

Gold badges for 20 years of fire department service were conferred upon David Bell, Scott Krum, Shawn Neat, and Craig Voisine. Jon Perry received the Vern Paulsen award for 25 years of service to the fire department. Everett Senter was recognized for 25 years of service to the Fire Police.

The Erwin Faunce Award for 30 years of fire department service was presented to Wes Merritt, Alan Nielsen, Gary Sandler and Brian Smart.

Mary “Betsy” Carolan received the Chief Robert Carson award for 35 years of dedicated service.

The Chief Henry Goold Award for 45 years of service went to Capt. George Oliver, and the Grant Worthing award for 55 years of service was bestowed upon retired Fire Chief Robert Carson.

The police department presented the Sgt. Michael Barker Award for 20 years of police service went to Mike Barker’s son, Sgt. Timothy Barker.

Community Resource Officer Eric Greenleaf and Det. Donald Blatchford received the George Nickerson Award for 25 years of service.

Capt. Marla St. Pierre was recognized for 35 years of service to the Scarborough Police Department.

Citizen Merit awards were presented to the following individuals for their actions at a structure fire on Gorham Road: Jason Plummer, David Hamilton, Michael Libby, and Jake Shaw.

Connor and Dylan LaBonte also received a Citizen Merit award for saving their mother’s life from a blocked airway due to choking.

The fire department granted unit citations for three different events to: Erin Sandler, Scott Krum, Ryan Sargent, Cindy Gorham, Brian Ackley, Eric Twitchell, Nate Contreras, Mike DiClemente, Adam Foster, John Fischer, John Sherrier, Matt Pantera, Scott Vaughan, Josh Guay, Ashley Knight, Greg Tinsman, Mike Mains, Steve Higgins, Bethany Cousino, Brian Phipps, Tony Attardo and Andrew Breitbeil.

The police department issued a unit citation for special enforcement to Officers Andrew Flynn, Josh Guay, and Brian Nappi. Sgt. Tom Chard, Officers Tim Dalton, Andrew Flynn, and Glenn Tucker and Fire Police member Herb Hughes also received a unit citation for a shooting call.

The police department issued formal commendations to Officers Don Laflin, Melissa DiClemente and Glenn Tucker for actions at two separate incidents.

The police department Support Person of the Year is Marine Resource Officer Dave Corbeau, and Offi- cer Glenn Tucker was presented with a Community Enrichment award.

The Fire Chief’s Merit Award was presented to Capt. George Oliver for saving the life of a fellow passenger by performing CPR and using an AED while at 30,000-feet on a flight home from vacation.

The Police Chief’s Merit Award went to Officer John Gill and Crime Analyst Jaime Higgins for their work on Operation HOPE.

Delani Littlefield was named the fire department’s student of the year, Eric Twitchell earned firefighter of the year and Lt. Ryan Ouellette was named fire officer of the year.

Paramedic of the Year went to Adele Jones, EMT of the Year was presented to Lt. Mike DiClemente, and Greg Tinsman was named Dispatcher of the Year. Brian McNeice was recognized as Police Officer of the Year.

This important annual event gives the departments an opportunity to honor many years of dedication to duty as well as recognize individuals and teams for their outstanding work during the past year.

The awards are very meaningful to the recipients because most of them are nominated and selected by their peers.

If you have any questions about his article you may contact me at mthurl@ci.scarborough.me.us

B. Michael Thurlow is fire chief for Scarborough.

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