2016-10-14 / Letters

Reps need to put needs of town and state first

To the editor:

I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but maybe someone will read this, just one voter.

Scarborough was acting unprofessionally, non-constructively and without civility as a town a couple years ago. The town council meetings were a tense and childish food fight whenever a contentious issue was on the table.

As of last year things have been 180 degrees different. The major reason for the turnaround is the leadership and professionalism demonstrated by councilors Donovan, Caiazzo and Caterina.

The problems are the same. The current state reps continue to shortchange our town in terms of funding our schools.

Yet these councilors have changed the effectiveness and civility in this town through leadership. I look forward to seeing councilor Donovan continue his great work and can’t wait to see Chris Caiazzo and Jean Marie Caterina infuse the statehouse with some decorum and professionalism.

We need representatives that put the needs of Maine and Scarborough over allegiance to their political party.

Drew Stevens

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