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Election Letters

To the editor:

I think Kathleen Foley will be an excellent addition to Scarborough’s town council. She is young and full of the energy necessary to tackle the numerous issues that need attention in our town. Her education and work experiences will serve well on the council.

Her degree in business (MBA) and experiences in the educational field are strong assets. Being a Maine Network Partners Fellow demonstrates her abilities.

That organization promotes being able to “work effectively together to accomplish shared goals.” We definitely need that on the town council as well as any other committee. Please vote for Kathleen “Katy” Foley for Scarborough town council. I have.

Maureen Burns

To the editor:

Earlier in our careers, I served as chief of police in Windham while Jean-Marie Caterina served as a juvenile social services worker.

Police officers frequently rely on juvenile social service workers to help resolve difficult and serious situations that juveniles fall into. Social service worker need to have compassion, determination, an understanding of complicated situations, the ability to listen well and to work cooperatively with all parties to achieve a responsible and fair outcome.

These are skills that are desperately needed in Augusta now.

Jean-Marie Caterina is running for state Senate in District 30 which includes most of Scarborough, Buxton and Gorham.

As her career has progressed to public school teacher, small business owner, and a Scarborough town councilor, she continues to use those important skills and abilities she relied on during her social service worker days.

Please vote for Jean-Marie Caterina for state Senate.

Greg Hanscom

To the editor:

This letter is to support Kathleen (Katy) Foley for town council. In recent years the council has been plagued by divisiveness and insensitivity to public opinion.

Decisions have made outside the public format and at times a central theme has been first make no change.

Katy offers a refreshing perspective by seeking compromise where there is conflict and doing so in a conspicuous fashion apparent to all.

She is passionate about Scarborough’s future and dedicated to improving the community at large. Her energy, enthusiasm and honesty are among her chief attributes. A vote for Katy is a vote for a happier Scarborough.

Jim Riechel

To the editor:

This November, Mainers are going to enter voting booths across our great state and tackle several important questions regarding our future.

With all these questions we’ll be dealing with, it’s easy to forget one of the most important – are we going to tolerate the racist and inflammatory actions from our governor over the past year? Do we really want two more years of this behavior?

Do you feel Gov. LePage’s “binders full of black and Hispanic people,” his comments about out-of-state drug dealers “impregnating young white girls,” and late night voicemail are hurting us, individually and as a state?

If so, the choice is clear; we need to make a change now by voting out the legislators who are enabling this behavior, either by their actions or silence. Otherwise what message are we sending? That we find LePage’s actions acceptable? Is that the message we want to send to our governor, our children?

Do we really want to tell our fellow Mainers, not to mention the visitors and businesses we want to attract to Maine, that this who we are?

We have many wonderful legislators, like Amy Volk, who went against her party and stood up to Gov. LePage. We need to reward her integrity and leadership by making it clear to the legislators who haven’t spoken up, like Scarborough’s Heather Sirocki, that their silence on the governor’s actions will ensure they suffer the consequences for them.

Before we vote, let’s all challenge.

Jason McGovern

To the editor:

Sen. Amy Volk has been criticized for running what we in Maine call a traditional campaign. There seems to be some significant confusion about what Clean Election candidates are doing to fund their campaign.

The latest letter to the paper implies that they are running their campaigns on $5 donations. That is so untrue and misleading. In a nutshell, they are using your hard earned money, up to $60,000 of it.

Volk, on the other hand, is taking no taxpayer money to fund her campaign. She is accepting private donations. Her opponent and supporters are claiming that Amy is in the pockets of large out-of-state donors to fund her campaign.

Please understand, a traditional candidate like Amy cannot accept donations, from anyone, of more than $750 ($375 before the primary in June and $375 afterwards). So, if someone doesn’t donate before the primary the most they can legally give Amy is $375.

Does anyone really think that Amy Volk, who is well known around the state of Maine for her strong morals and ethics, can be bought for $375? Or even $750? Is that big money?

Volk’s opponent and her supporters should be talking about what she will bring to legislature instead of creating ridiculous narratives about Amy as if she is taking bribes and kickbacks like some Washington D.C. caricature. Amy’s voting record proves more than anything else that she is an independent thinker who represents the interests of her district, period, end of story. Keep up the good honest work you do, Amy. You have earned our vote on Nov. 8.

Gary Garrison

To the editor:

On a blistering hot summer day, Karen Vachon showed up at my door to introduce herself. She told me who she was, and what she did in Augusta; Then she asked if I had any questions for her, and were there any issues that concerned me.

I was pleasantly surprised, and told her so. I have never had a state representative come to my house. We talked for a while. She gave me her phone number, and encouraged me to call her if I thought of anything I would like help with.

A few weeks later I called her. I’m disabled, and wanted to talk to her about transportation service options and community integration for the disabled. She was very attentive to my concerns.

She provided information to me regarding a transportation study being done as well as past bills that had been brought forward. She asked me to look over the bills, identify the gaps that I believed needed to be addressed, and then offered to get back together to submit a bill. I am currently reviewing these materials and will be proving Karen a report of my thoughts on this matter.

I got a true sense of how my voice could be heard and how I can make a difference, especially from the perspective of a consumer of services.

I believe this will allow me the opportunity to collaborate with our policy makers, therefore helping to streamline services and to find more efficient and effective ways of providing these services and saving costs to the taxpayer.

Karen is a hands-on people person. This is who I want representing me in Augusta. On Nov. 8, I’m voting for Karen Vachon and I hope you will too.

Joseph H. Gallant III

To the editor:

I have personally placed candidate signs on property to promote my choice by request from homeowners.

Bill Donovan has personally asked that they be removed from their lawn as it was their neighbors. Does this sound like the kind of councilman we want to represent our town? We are trying to diminish bullying in our schools but it continues on a high level. Vote wisely.

The golden child or is it the golden beach?

Why is it that Higgins Beach requires so much attention? Why is it the town is supporting a parking meter (installed but yet free) and police patrol for 11 parking spots and costing the taxpayers $40,000 for three months of service. On top of that we also have volunteer police patrol walking the beat or beach however you want to look at it. I am sure Pine Point residents must feel left out or left over. Certainly there must be other parts of Scarborough that could use the attention or funds. Speak up Scarborough voters.

Choose your candidate wisely. We at Higgins Beach have our own. Maybe that’s why we have so much attention. My vote is for Kathleen Foley and Annalee Rosenblatt.

Cheryl LaRou

To the editor:

Mainers will make a very important choice Nov. 8. It has nothing to do with who’ll be president in 2017 and everything to do with having better elections from now on. It is their vote on question 5.

I’m writing in support of ranked choice voting (aka, yes on 5) because it’s common sense reform that puts power back in the hands of voters.

So often, we find ourselves afraid to split the vote. At the same time, the lesser of two evils seems to be a bigger moral compromise each election. Whether you’re horrified by the conduct of the candidates or appalled by the choices the major parties present this year, it’s important that candidates are elected by a majority if voter satisfaction is ever going to improve. Ranking our choices is the answer.

With ranked choice voting, if your first choice doesn’t have enough votes to win, your vote will automatically move to your second choice candidate. You can vote your conscience safe in the knowledge that, should they not get enough support, your vote goes to the next best choice, rather than splitting the vote. Yes on 5 means candidates can no longer count on fear to keep you in line. They’ll have to actually earn your vote. This could change elections forever.

Please help spread the word. Right now, go tell five people why it’s important we change how we vote. Yes on 5. Vote for a future of better elections.

Eli Edgecomb

To the editor:

I believe that Scarborough citizens want the best for all the members of our wonderful town. Someone that not only understands the importance of giving our children the best education, but also the ability to understand the needs of everyone in our community.

Annalee Rosenblatt has been a resident here for 35 years and her involvement here is lengthy.

She has served on the board of education for two terms, served on two charter review commissions, member of the Kiwanis, served on the 350th committee, current member of the Smartaxes committee, current member of the board of directors of Scarborough Chamber of Commerce as well as a former substitute teacher to name just a few of the many public service positions she has been involved in.

Anyone that talks with her realizes right away that she has an understanding of what many of us do not as far as town/ school business is concerned.

Not only at the town level, but the state level as well.

Her knowledge, dedication and experience would be a huge asset for all of Scarboroughs citizens. Vote Annalee Rosenblatt for town council.

Paula Corbeau-O’Brien

To the editor:

Just an observation. When you see hundreds, maybe even close to thousands of yes on 3 signs peppered around the state (especially in higher population areas such as Portland), it makes you ask the question, ‘Who is actually behind the yes on 3 campaign?’

Take a quick drive around Back Bay. There is a yes on 3 sign almost every 200 feet. Meanwhile, you see very few no on 3 signs on public property, but rather primarily on private property. Get out of the city and take a drive. You will primarily see no on 3 signs in front yards.

Ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pumping millions of dollars into this state to try to get question 3 to pass. Meanwhile, you have actual Mainers doing grassroots efforts to try to combat Bloomberg’s millions of dollars. Mainers making their own homemade signs, cutting their own decals for windows, printing T-shirts, holding fundraisers, getting out and talking to their friends and family.

This is not a Maine backed ballot initiative. This is not about background checks working as the signs say. Please take the time to get the facts and educate yourself on this ballot initiative. It is not good for Maine. I’ll be voting no on question 3.

Victor Ross

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