2016-12-02 / Letters

Papers protecting former probate judge

To the editor:

As if local news coverage of York County’s local election wasn’t bad enough, (Mainely Media) saw fit to add insult to injury by posting yet another letter to the editor from the former probate judge, Robert Nadeau (Nov. 17, 2016)?

Isn’t it enough that all the local papers intentionally misinformed voters, protecting Nadeau throughout the election process (while featuring a 20-year-old picture of him in nearly every article)?

Now you’re printing his slander about supposed investigations that are only taking place in his mind?

Remember before the election, when you refused to print one word about the real life investigation taking place at the Board of Bar Overseers in Boston, for two frivolous lawsuits Nadeau filed against me.

He sued me twice for defamation, withdrawing those claims of defamation before the trial in both cases. I sent you evidence of all of this, remember? And you still remained silent.

Tell me, did you check to see that the people Nadeau is slandering in his most recent letter (which you printed) were really, in fact, being investigated?

I’ll answer that for you. No, you didn’t.

We don’t need our local papers to regurgitate all the world news that comes through the AP wire. Nor do we need you to perpetuate your local agendas dressed up as local news.

If you can’t keep up with the real local news, shut your doors. You’re already out of business.

Readers, you are supporting a news source that is intentionally keeping you in the dark.

Nadeau is now running away to Scarborough to get a fresh start. I guess he feels like he can do more business with potential clients who don’t know about his exploits.

And we know you’ll keep his dirty little secret Scarborough Leader, right?

Nancy Madore, author of “The
Ethics of Judge Nadeau” (which is
protected by court order)
Amesbury, Massachusetts

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