2017-03-03 / Letters

Fate of Avenue 2 Extension is in hands of town councilors

To the editor:

Public access to Grand Beach in Pine Point, the ocean front section of Scarborough, is once again being threatened. Again, a single land owner wants to increase his property by absorbing a strip of land that has historically been used by us to get to the beach. This land, which abuts his western property boundary, is known as the Avenue 2 Extension.

Our town council is now considering the fate of this 50-foot wide public beach access. The town has always assumed ownership of this land as demonstrated by evidence of maintenance.

However, now that a single land owner declares that this belongs to him, the town council seems to be thinking of agreeing.

Why is the council not just saying, ‘No,’ and going to court, if necessary, to protect our land?

The fate of Avenue 2 Extension is in the hands of the council. Let us hope that our elected representatives will protect our interests and keep this public ownership for our use.

Pauline Levin

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