2017-07-14 / Letters

Budget fights are tough on the town

To the editor:

As we move forward with a budget to be voted on this month, we are attempting to weigh the various needs, priorities and values of our community.

We understand that there are many points of view in our town, and we are working hard to reach a compromise that will be acceptable, if not ideal, for everyone.

To that end, the school budget has been reduced by $236,000. We are appreciative of the thoughtful way in which our Superintendent and leadership team took on the challenge of finding further areas to cut, above and beyond the $1.2M that has already been cut since the first reading of the budget.

On July 4, the state passed a budget that may increase funding for Scarborough, although the exact amount of additional subsidy won’t be known until approximately July 21.

We are confident that between the most recent reductions, the possible increased funding from the state, and the town’s pending valuation, Scarborough’s tax rate increase will be less than 2.99 percent.

These budget fights are tough on our town each year. There are folks that struggle to pay their bills and costs for everything are on the rise.

We hope that citizens in need will utilize the Homestead Exemption and the property tax assistance available through town hall. We understand the difficulties in understanding why education costs increase, but we look to our community for trust and understanding.

The teachers, staff and leadership work hard each day to educate all our students and we feel there is tremendous value in what they do. It is part of our social contract as a community that we provide a good education for our youngest citizens. With that in mind, we hope the community can come together to support the budget on July 25.

Scarborough Board of Education
Communications Subcommittee

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