2017-07-14 / Letters

Elected should continue support of solar industry

To the editor:

Senator Amy Volk and Rep. Karen Vachon deserve our thanks for voting for the solar bill LD 1504, which recently passed in both houses.

The bill overturns a ruling by the Public Utilities Commission that will cost all Mainers who choose solar energy about $2 million in additional meters and other costs.

Maine cannot afford to let that happen. The bill helps keep Maine’s small but growing solar industry going while a serious study into the benefits and concerns about net-metering can be conducted.

It is expected that the governor will veto this bill. I sincerely hope that both Vachon and Volk stay strong in their support of the bill and vote to over-ride the governor’s veto.

The solar industry in the United States is growing rapidly but unfortunately Maine is missing out. Last year, for every 50 jobs created in the U.S., one was a solar job. Maine is missing opportunities for hundreds of solar jobs because of the state’s lack of an effective solar policy. This bill will help to address that problem. I urge Rep. Heather Sirocki to join her colleagues in voting to support the solar bill and override the governor’s veto.

Jane Palmer

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