2017-07-14 / Letters

Vote sends cautionary message to residents

To the editor:

Nobody in Scarborough won with the first failed school budget vote on June 13.

The vote against the schools, like too many others over the past five years, sent another cautionary message to property owners and would-be residents.

That message, sadly, was, “Consider moving to another school system.” Or, “If you are looking to move here, don’t.”

“Don’t buy real estate here, your property’s value might go down” the vote also said.

I ask those opposed to voting for schools, to what end are you fighting? I’ve asked this and been blocked from their biased social media pages. I’m asking for all of us to come together and talk and stop hiding behind screens, after attending budget meetings and not speaking up.

If there is yet again an effort against the school budget in the second vote on July 25, perhaps by those again making signs with another misleading number, what is their end-game? Is it to cause people to lose jobs and students to suffer from reduced services in order to save the average tax-payer $25? That’s about the size of this battle.

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful and economically thriving town with an excellent school system – despite opposition from a group set on outright rejection of any school budget.

Our school administrators, staff, town council and board of education have done an admirable job to make our schools exceptional, and without spending excesses that some falsely promote with their selective use of data.

I personally witness the hundreds of hours turned in by those who prepare responsible budgets. The real information has always been transparent on the board of education or town council’s websites.

Lookout Scarborough for the selective misuse of data websites or their signs.

I find the division in our town deeply concerning. The opposition does a disservice by its outright rejection of any budget.

Schools and property owners suffer from the needless divide they create. Let’s come together and talk.

Meanwhile, please exercise your right to vote and support the schools on July 25, or pick up an absentee ballot at town hall. It only takes a few minutes. We need to move forward.

Chris Lyford

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