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Massengill leaves school board post

By Michael Kelley Staff Writer

Christine Massengill Christine Massengill The Scarborough Board of Education will operate short staffed until November following the resignation of board member Christine Massengill.

Board of Education Chairman Kelly Murphy said Massengill, who was first elected to the board in 2011, moved with her family to Florida for a “business opportunity.”

“We are sorry to see Christine go. I don’t think she is sorry to say goodbye to Maine winters,” Murphy said of Massengill, whose last regular board of education was June 15. “She was a great addition to the board and originally got involved school issues in a bigger way when she was part of the Wentworth building committee.”

Aside from her work as board member and with the Wentworth building committee, Massengill also served as board chairman (2012-2014) and chaired the group’s finance committee for two years.

“We were elected to the board at the same time six years ago,” Murphy continued. “She did a lot for this town and we owe her a great debt of gratitude.”

Donna Beeley, who succeeded Massengill as chairman, said Massengill was critical to several of the important pieces of school board work: negotiations, policy and finance.

“In her six years, she really took on a boatload,” Beeley said.

Since the November election is less than six months away, Murphy said Massengill’s post, which was set to expire in 2017, will be filled then rather than through a special election.

According to the town charter, if a vacancy occurs on the board of education more than six months prior to the next town election (typically held in November), “the vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term by a special election held within sixty (60) days from the date the vacancy occurred.”

If a seat becomes vacant within six months of the election, the board may opt to fill it via a special election or wait until the next town election.

This is the second time in the past six months that a member of the board resigned. In January, Kate Miles stepped down after a little more than a year on the board because she was being temporarily relocated out of Scarborough due to work.

Up for reelection this fall is Murphy, as well as town councilors Shawn Babine (the current chairman), Kate St. Clair (vice chairman) and Peter Hayes and Scarborough Sanitary District Trustees Treasurer Jason Greenleaf, chairman Charles Andreson and clerk Robert McSorley.

Paperwork for those interested in the open positions will become available Aug. 2 and is due back to the town clerk’s office by the close of business Sept. 6.

Staff Writer Michael Kelley can be reached at news@scarbroughleader.com.

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