2017-08-25 / Letters

Make the June and July no votes count

To the editor:

This letter is to the 2,400-plus residents who took the time to vote no on the school budget in June and again in July.

You may not be aware of the fact you have been belittled, threatened and insulted over and over again by your town council and school board at public meetings.

Go to SMARTaxes.com to see and hear them in their own words. Although the school budget has been voted down seven times in the past six years, you are still looked upon as some minority fringe, anti education voter.

The schools have been well supported by the citizens of Scarborough. Since 2011, we the taxpayers have replaced every dollar of reduced state school funding and increased school spending by an additional $12,000,000.

School enrollment actually declined by about 250 students between 2013 and 2017. All the complaints about cuts in funding the 2018 budget are totally false.

According to the school board’s own figures, the schools will have $1,320,000 more money to spend than in 2017.

The third validation vote, Tuesday Sept. 5, has a near meaningless $50,000 reduction in a nearly $49,000,000 budget.

The town council continues on the same path; only your no vote can convince them otherwise.

Go to the town hall now.

Early voting is available through Thursday, Aug. 31.

Please vote. Make your earlier no votes count.

Larry Hartwell

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