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Pine Point residents purchase radar sign

Citing excessive speed in the neighborhoods, the sign is donated to Scarborough Police Department
By Michael Kelley Staff Writer

For many months of the year, the Pine Point area of town is a quiet beachside community, but during the summer months, with tourists and beachgoers, it becomes a much busier place.

With that extra activity, comes issues such as improper parking, elevated noise and speeding. The Pine Point community has come together to address that last issue by raising money and donating a speed and radar sign to the Scarborough Police Department.

Paul Kirby, a resident of Granite Street who helped to raise money for the sign, said the idea behind it is to make Pine Point a safer community for residents and visitors. Pedestrian traffic is high in the summer with people going to and from the beach and has become even greater now that The Garage, a barbecue restaurant, is open at the former Conroy’s site on the corner of East Grand and Pine Point avenues.

“People are driving faster and faster,” he said. he told councilors Sept. 6. “85 is the new 70 on the state highway and 40 is the new 25 on East Grand Avenue.”

Scarborough Police Chief Robbie Moulton said speeding is indeed an issue in the summer, not only in Pine Point, but also across Scarborough. Pine Point was one of the areas the department’s special traffic detail team focused on this summer.

“In the summertime, there’s a lot of traffic and we generally see an uptick in speed, loud motorcycles, just an uptick in a variety of traffic issues there, much like we do in other places,” Moulton said.

The residents have asked that the $3,6000 sign be used around Pine Point, particular to control speeding along East Grand Avenue, King Street and Jones Creek Drive, during July and August, but have offered to make the sign available for the police department to use in other areas of the town or to control the speed of traffic at events such as high school athletics or road races.

“If we move it around in the summer, I think it would be a good start” (in making Pine Point safer),” Kirby said.

The sign will alert motorists when they are going above the speed limit by flashing their speed on the sign.

The Department of Public Works received grants from the Department of Transportation for two electronic radar signs over the last year. Director of Public Works Mike Shaw said the signs have recently been being used for speed control by Blue Point Primary School on Pine Point Road and Eight Corners Primary School on Mussey Road.

“They are a great resource, but the trick is you have to move them around so people don’t get complacent,” Shaw said.

Councilor Will Rowan said the donated sign, whether in Pine Point or elsewhere, will be a “terrific” way to “remind people they are going too fast.” Moulton said, sometimes a reminder is all a motorist needs to abide by the speed limit.

Councilor Katy Foley was initially leery of accepting an anonymous donation, but was wholly supportive of the measure when she heard how the sign was going to be used.

“I am impressed the folks down at Pine Point are willing to fund something that is important for them and the community and that the town would have the ability to use in other places,” she said.

Council Chairman Shawn Babine said this latest donation is another example of the community’s support of the public safety department.

Previous donations to the department have helped to fund Segways, drones, headsets for dispatchers and equipment for police officers, as well as air supply packs and thermal imaging camera for the fire department.

Staff Writer Michael Kelley can be reached at news@scarboroughleader.com.

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