2017-10-20 / In the Know

Fire department, Ace Hardware team up for fire prevention

By Jim Butler Special to the Leader

The Scarborough Fire Department is pleased to announce it has partnered with Scarborough Ace Hardware to promote fire prevention month and home fire safety.

The Scarborough Fire Department will be on hand at the Dunstan Ace Hardware location on Saturday, Oct. 21 from 9 a.m. to noon. There will be fire trucks along with firefighters available to answer any questions you or family members may have and to share valuable fire safety lessons and information.

Dunstan Ace Hardware will sell smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors and other safety items. We are also pleased to announce residential Knox HomeBoxes will be on hand and available to purchase at this event.

The Knox Company recently developed a residential key box program as a companion to their long-standing and very successful commercial key box program for businesses. Installing a key box on your home and providing the fire department with a house key that we install in the box, allows firefighters and EMS professionals to make entry into your home using a key instead of having to damage doors or windows when we have to force entry when a patient can’t come to the door to let us in.

Knox HomeBoxes make our job easier by providing rapid access to the home so we can provide quick and efficient care to those in need.

We recently have done some public educational sessions and have promoted the installation of these rapid access systems. During those events we received feedback about the lack of availability of getting these boxes locally instead of ordering on-line. While the option remains for residents to go the website www.knoxhomebox.com to place an order and have the box shipped directly to an address, we wanted to provide another option to assist in getting these key vaults installed.

The solution was to partner with Scarborough Ace Hardware as they were able to place a bulk order and keep them in stock for Scarborough residents. We hope by doing this it will make these Knox HomeBox more readily available by having them available at both Scarborough Ace Hardware’s locations.

We will roll out this program at Scarborough Ace Hardware at the Dunstan Ace Hardware location at 636 Route 1 at the event on Oct. 21. After that date the key boxes will also be available at the Oak Hill Ace Hardware that is located at 29 Gorham Road.

Be sure to bring a house key that can be copied at the hardware store that will go inside a Knox HomeBox. Once you have purchased it you can follow the instructions given and that will include contacting Scarborough Fire Department to schedule a time for a firefighter to come to the home and assist with the installation of the HomeBox.

During their visit, the firefighter will bring a master key to unlock the HomeBox that we securely keep in a safe on our fire apparatus.

The firefighter will install the HomeBox on the exterior door of the home. Then we will update the digital records that track the box locations so responders and dispatchers know they are in place when they respond to a property.

There is also a small decal that goes on doors that is reflective so it is visible to responders. At the time of installation, we also review emergency contacts and instructions in the event a family member needs to call 911 for us to respond and we put that information on a provided emergency contact magnet so it is readily available in the event of an emergency.

We also have a limited amount of boxes that we will be able to provide at a discounted rate for senior citizens or low-income individuals who cannot afford to purchase one.

For more information on the opportunity, please contact Capt. Butler of the Scarborough Fire Department at 730-4051.

Jim Butler is fire inspector and commercial code enforcement officer for Scarborough.

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