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There’s a race for sanitary district board

Election 2017

Unlike in previous years, this year voters will have a choice who represents them on the Scarborough Sanitary District Board of Trustees. Incumbents Charles Andreson, Jason Greenleaf and Rob McSorley are being challenged by Judith Cavalero for one of three expiring seats on the board. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Name: Charles J. Andreson

Position seeking: Scarborough Sanitary District Trustee

Address: 4 Val Terrace

Phone: 883-5808

Occupation: retired professional civil engineer and urban planner

Family: wife, Cynthia Andreson; daughters, Christine and Jennifer and son Charles Andreson, Jr.

Education completed: Bachelor of science, civil engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute plus two years of graduate study at WPI for urban and environmental planning

Organizations and activities: Organizations: Life Member American Society of Civil Engineers, Maine Society of Civil Engineers, American Planning Association, American Institute of Certified Planners. Political Experience: Scarborough Sanitary District Trustee; Scarborough Town Council, Board of Directors of Regional Waste Systems (now ecomaine); Scarborough Long Range Planning Committee, Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation Study Technical Committee; and numerous Town subcommittees and working groups.

Top three issues:

1. Work cooperatively with the town of Scarborough to ensure adequate waste water treatment capabilities to service the needs of the town. As the town goes through its process to update its comprehensive plan, the sanitary district will have to translate the town’s planning into wastewater infrastructure and operational requirements and try to plan for accommodating those needs. While doing this the district will have to address the associated costs and financial demands on its ratepayers to ensure that the service that we provide continues to be efficient, effective and affordable. Maintaining reasonable user fees is important to the existing rate payers, and can dramatically affect the town’s future economic development program.

2. Maintain a competent, professional and motivated staff to operate and maintain the district’s sewer system consisting of more than 68 miles of gravity sewer, 22.8 miles of force main, 23 pumping stations, and 2.5 million gallon per day treatment plant. This system operates 24 hours per day during the 365 days of each year, and requires constant monitoring and attention. This service is essential for the protection of the public health, safety and general welfare, and the protection of the communities natural resources, rivers, streams, marshes beaches and ocean waters.

3. The trustees must maintain an effective administrative process for district operations that is responsive to the public and is open and transparent, while it plans for the upgrade and replacement of the district’s depreciating physical assets. As the system ages the trustees must plan for the physical replacement of the assets and for the fiscal demands on the district to accomplish them.

Why are you seeking elected office?

I am seeking election to the position of trustee of the Scarborough Sanitary District as a means to give back to the community where I have lived for 42 years, and where my wife and I raised our family. Until my retirement, I held my Registration as a Professional Engineer in Maine, and I held membership through examination and experience in the American Institute of Certified Planners. My experience in local government over the years includes positions as the Town Engineer and Planner in Scarborough, Superintendent of the Scarborough Sanitary District, and City Engineer/Public Works Director in the City of Sanford. I have served as a town councilor in Scarborough and on numerous Town and Regional Committees over the years. I am experienced in establishing public policy and the management and budgeting of agency budgets in the $4 million per year range, and have planned and constructed sewer, highway and drainage projects at costs up to $7.5 million. Foremost in my mind is to provide sensible, effective and cost effective service to the citizens in the communities where I live or work. Scarborough is a special place, and I would like to continue to serve the residents of Scarborough, through my unique qualifications and experience to help Scarborough remain a special place to live and work.

Name: Judith M. Cavalero

Position seeking: Scarborough Sanitary District Trustee

Address: 1 Overlook Drive

Phone: 883-6420

Occupation: retired investment broker

Family: husband, David and two adult children

Organizations and activities: member of Portland Rotary Club; board member at Kaler-Vaill; former board member and assistant treasurer of Southern Maine Agency on Aging; former chairman of the board of trustees of Seventy-Five State Street and current member of board of managers.

Why are you seeking elected office?

The sanitary district aims to run efficiently. They have the lowest user fees in southern Maine and are in a good financial position. I would like to be part of maintaining that level of efficiency. Being involved is my way of giving back.

Name: Jason Greenleaf

Age: 40

Position seeking: Scarborough Sanitary District Trustee

Address: 2 Clay Pits Road

Phone: 883-9803

Occupation: Technical manager – Hunter Panels LLC

Family: Wife, Jennifer and two sons

Education completed: Bachelor of arts in industrial engineering

Organizations and activities: Sanitary District Trustee Since 2008, chairman for three years, currently treasurer. Scarborough Fire Department call firefighter for 24 years. Youth sports coach for 10 years.

Top three issues:

1. Continuing budgetary controls despite rising operation costs to combat potential user rate increases.

2. Proper maintenance and replacement of aging infrastructure.

3. Upgrades and expansion to meet the demand of continued commercial and residential development.

Why are you seeking elected office?

I have been a trustee since 2008 and have thoroughly enjoyed working with my fellow trustees and the District staff to provide top-notch service to the district’s users. The trustees and staff take great pride in operating and maintaining arguably the most efficient and well-run sanitary district in New England. Scarborough has become a model facility for inspectors and Maine Department of Environmental Protection representatives who often praise our successes and persuade other district operators to tour our facilities and note best practices. As a Scarborough resident, district user and rate payer I understand the importance of controlling user fees and providing the very best service to other users. For those reasons, along with many others I am seeking re-election to the board of trustees. I take great pride in being part of a great group of trustee’s who are extremely professional and very passionate about the success of the Scarborough Sanitary District.

Name: Rob McSorley

Age: 55

Position seeking: Scarborough Sanitary District Trustee

Address: 2 Chestnut Drive

Phone: 939-1809

Occupation: Senior project Manager - Sebago Technics, Inc.

Family: wife- Denise, sons - Hugh, Hayden and Heath

Education completed: bachelor of science in mechanical engineering

9 years, current, Scarborough Sanitary District Trustee, 2010-2013, Portland Water District Board of Trustees, Scarborough representative; current treasurer and trustee, Camp Scarborough; past president of Hidden Creek Homeowners Association and member, Eastpoint Christian Church

Top three issues:

1. Pay off current district bonds and work on restoring reserve funds

2. Continue to fund infrastructure upgrades and replacements

3. Continue to maintain the level of service and keep rates affordable for the rate payers

Why are you seeking elected office?

We believe that public/community service is important. We have hoped that we have modeled this for our children and that they also will be engaged in their communities in the future.

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