2017-11-03 / Letters

Create policies for a sustainable future

To the editor:

Ryan O’Leary’s inspirational letter urges our town to use the current comprehensive planning process to advance policies to seriously address climate change through local action. As president of the Environmental Club of Scarborough, Ryan calls on all of us to create policies that protect the real interests of our young people, the right to a livable, sustainable future.

ECOS is not just talk, as members will attend the first meeting of the Scarborough Climate Action Team on Nov. 1. SCAT will work to move our town and nation to a 100 percent renewable energy economy by 2050.

In addition, Ryan and likely two classmates will go to Washington Nov. 13-14 to participate in a Citizen’s Climate Lobby event. They will lobby our delegation for CCL’s carbon fee and dividend plan, which would tax carbon at the point of extraction and give all the proceeds equally to all American citizens. The plan will cut carbon emissions by 8 percent per year and not grow government.

The importance of this work has just been powerfully reinforced by a new Government Accounting Office report, commissioned by Sen. Susan Collins. It quantifies the financial costs of recent natural disasters that scientists insist are intensified by global warming.

The GAO projects the costs to taxpayers of such events by 2039 to be between $2 trillion and $6 trillion, depending on our actions. That is clearly not sustainable. Thank you Sen. Collins for your leadership on this issue.

Good luck Ryan and friends.

Charles Spanger

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