2017-11-03 / Letters

Reaction to stickers is ‘over the top’

To the editor:

I don’t usually respond to what is written. I glance and if something grabs my attention, I will read. Well, I read your article.

I am still laughing and shaking my head back and forth because I am so amazed at what people complain about.

I just read your article about stickers placed on “town owned property” and someone calling to complain about a sticker or stickers on the trash and recycling carts (because apparently it offends them and they have nothing better to do but complain about something that really has nothing to do with them).

I am still laughing because it is so ridiculous. Do people really have nothing to do with their time and are actually bothered with what someone else does with their trash bins?

Town owned property is property of the people also because we do pay the taxes for the town to own property.

I just don’t have the words to express my disbelief in the complaints from people. I keep thinking how over the top people are nowadays with what bothers them and I’ll be darn, something pops up again that I shake my head and think, ‘What in the world are these people thinking?’ Apparently they are not thinking much except what offends them.

My thoughts to this petty nothingness is to get a life, stay busy and stop looking for anything to complain about. Volunteer your time for something worthwhile instead of complaining about a sticker on a trash bin. Our town has more important matters to deal with than making rules on recycle bins and enforcing a sticker ban.

Thank you for your time and writing the article. I just needed to vent. I must just be old fashioned Maine: You mind your business, I won’t mind it. I’ll mind my business, I don’t need you to mind it, too.

Lynn Muller

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