2017-11-03 / Letters

Time is now for new public safety building

To the editor:

Addressing Scarborough’s Public Safety facility shortcomings has been on the town’s to-do list for many years. Unfortunately, due to significant growth through the 1990s, bonding for school facilities, replacing a deteriorated town hall and building a new library, our public safety building conditions have been set aside for too long.

Nearly everyone who has taken a tour of the current facility or viewed it on channel 3 agrees on the absolute need for a new facility. Some may be concerned that additional debt will affect taxes. In order to accommodate our growth, we have incurred debt, but we believe it has been done in a very responsible manner.

In fact, rating agencies want to see responsible debt incurred by communities, as long as it’s within the accepted guidelines, less than 10 percent of assessed town value. Debt signifies that communities are investing in their infrastructure in a responsible manner.

Scarborough’s percentage of debt is significantly less than the guidelines and our bond ratings are excellent. Rating agencies are essentially saying that Scarborough has the capacity to incur more responsible debt.

According to an analysis of a Scarborough home assessed at $300,000, this project would cost $1.55/week or $80.43/year for 30 years.

We urge all citizens to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the current facility, watch channel 3 or view it online.

Remember, our police, fire and rescue employees are the unsung heroes in our community. They are ready in a moment’s notice to respond to us when we are in our greatest need. They exist to provide security, rescue us in emergencies, protect us and assure safety in our community. They deserve to be employed in the appropriate working conditions that the new public safety building will offer. Vote yes on Nov. 7.

Roger and Donna Beeley

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