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Eagle Scout leads restoration of Larrabee family cemetery

There are more than 60 private cemeteries throughout town, some in rough shape after years of neglect, but one in North Scarborough has been revived thanks to the work of Scarborough High School senior Luke Thatcher.

As part of his Eagle Scout project, Thatcher, a member of Boy Scour Troop 39 in Scarborough, restored the Larrabee family cemetery near Ottawa Woods Road/Beech Ridge Road. The Eagle Scout project is intended to be a project that benefits a religious institution, school or other community group where a scout lives.

Thatcher led a group of volunteers in clearing the land, cleaning the headstones, chronicling information about who is buried there and creating a path onto the property.

The cemetery was for the members of the Larrabee family and Libby family and includes graves for Capt. Daniel Larrabee, a veteran of the War of 1812, who died in July 1863 and Capt. John Larrabee, 67, a veteran of the Civil War, who died in January 1884. A ceremony was held on the site to honor Daniel and John on Veterans Day.

Thatcher said the land had been abandoned for a while and was overgrown with fallen trees and gravesstones knocked over. In total 14 of the 18 gravestones on site, which range from the 1820s to 1920s, had to be repaired, including one that was found in four pieces.

“That looks like a lot of work,” councilor Will Rowan said at the Nov. 16 meeting in which Thatcher shared his project with councilors. “We appreciate all you’ve done.”

Refusal to leave council meeting leads to arrest of Falmouth man

A frequent visitor and speaker at Scarborough Town Council meetings, Michael Doyle, of Falmouth, was arrested at the Nov. 16 meeting after refusing to leave the council chambers.

Doyle, who has blogged about Scarborough issues on his website for years, was at the meeting to give his thoughts about the unlikelihood of Scarborough actually landing the second headquarters of Amazon before starting to discuss rumors he heard about why Town Manager Tom Hall left Rockland for Scarborough in 2008.

Before he could go much further he was told by council chairman Shawn Babine he was out of order and was asked to leave the room and told by councilor Bill Donovan to “respect the chair.”

He refused to leave and told Scarborough Police Sgt. Mary Pearson “you are going to have to arrest me because I have freedom of speech in this building,” before sitting back down in his seat. Pearson told him in that case, he was indeed under arrest and was escorted out of town hall in handcuffs.

According to the police log, Doyle was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing for remaining in defiance of a lawful order.

Compiled by Staff Writer Michael Kelley. Kelley can be reached at news@scarboroughleader.com.

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