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Great Person voting continues

It’s time to vote for the Leader’s Great Person Award.

Each year, readers choose one person they think has made our community a special place to live. There are no qualifications for the Great Person Award – it’s simply to honor those who make their community better.

The award is meant to be a thank you for all they do during the year. The winner will be interviewed for a story in the Scarborough Leader.

A ballot of everyone nominated is on page 6.

Voting will end at noon, Wednesday, Dec. 27 and the winner will be announced in the following weeks.

The Leader will accept printed ballots (or photo copies) only through Dec. 27. Ballots should be mailed to Scarborough Leader, P.O. Box 1894, Biddeford, ME 04005. Ballots may also be dropped off at 457 Alfred Road, Biddeford.

No emailed ballots will be accepted.

Nanette Tanner nominates John and Ruth Hughes.

I am nominating John and Ruth Hughes for the Great Person Award for their dedication and countless positive contributions to our community. They mentor, give back and lead by example, helping to make the Scarborough community the special place it is. But most importantly this nomination is for their dedication to our youth.

Both John and Ruth, who run their businesses in Scarborough and are raising three children of their own, are always ready to pitch in, whether through volunteering their time or in a sponsorship capacity. They see a need and then fill it. They have served on numerous athletic boards and committees, staying in the positions for many years.

John was instrumental in helping the alpine nordic ski team become a school team sport. Ruth stepped up when middle school field hockey was cut from the athletic budget by volunteering to run the program despite the gravity of that commitment. The hours they have dedicated to our youth are impressive, but it is not just those hours, it’s the way they genuinely care for every child. They are the people who pull over when they see a kid walking home in the rain to offer a ride. They are the people who take the time to really get to know the kids (and their parents) and are there to give them guidance or encouragement. They are our youths biggest fans.

We are fortunate to have John and Ruth in our community. Bestowing the award on these two caring individuals would be a wonderful way to show appreciation and honor what makes our town special.

Dennis Meehan nominates Art Dillon for the Great Person Award. Art has long been a community leader, born and raised in Scarborough. He current serves as the president of the Scarborough Community Chamber of Commerce, a role he has served in multiple times. He also started and runs the chamber’s summer concert series that is the primary fundraiser for the chamber and allows the chamber to provide yearly scholarships for graduating seniors.

Art also has served on many town committees, including his current role on the recreation committee.

He is also a very active with the Scarborough Softball boosters program and runs the Scarborough Community Television broadcasts doing play-by-play for home games.

I can not think of someone that better represents being a Great Person in Scarborough than Art Dillon.

Betty and Duncan Perry nominate Rob Bryant, a pharmacist at Walgreens in Scarborough. Rob has to be the most customer-friendly, cheerful, accommodating and professional pharmacist in the world. Service first is his obvious guiding principle. He knows the names of his customers. He remembers their needs and will joyfully go out of his way to help them.

Second, he is flexible in serving his clients and they are not just clients – they are friends. He’ll always take a moment to inquire about you.

Third, he knows his stuff. He keeps abreast of current pharmacological research and developments, and is a supremely competent pharmacist as a result. Rob is an important part of Scarborough and its health-related world. We would be much the poorer without him and he certainly deserves to be recognized for all the contributions he makes.

Donna Monto also nominates Rob Bryant. He goes out of his way to speak to his clients and always has a smile. He is a very caring person and makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever.

Lise Foster nominates Lynn Gierie. Lynn is a remarkable candidate for this award as she exemplifies the very nature of a Great Person. She is the founder of a unique nonprofit organization, Robbie Foundation, which funds special equipment and services for children with special needs in the state of Maine. She, along with her husband Bob, have spent countless hours of their time to help raise awareness and finances for this organization so that children with special needs can be provided with much needed support.

For the past seven years, she tirelessly has sought funds to help grant these children equipment and services that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Awarding a piece of equipment for one child is worth the many hours she puts in, though her efforts are seldom noted. Even still, she continues to be motivated to make a difference for families whose daily needs go unmet. Although her nonprofit is based in Scarborough and has touched many Scarborough families, her diligent work to date has provided over $250,000 in benefits to families throughout the state of Maine.

Both she and her husband are full-time teachers in the public school system. They frequently gather food and clothes to bring to their underprivileged students and are constantly available to provide a listening ear. Their care and concern for children goes beyond the work of Robbie Foundation as is evident in their daily commitment to making a difference in the lives of children, one child at a time.

Lynn and Bob are raising a son with special needs who is the inspiration for Robbie Foundation. Their dedication to him and to so many children has touched not only my family, but so many others in the community. Lynn epitomizes the type of person deserving the Great Person Award.

Laura McCormick nominates Andy Campbell. Andy owns Dragon Fire Martial Arts and has been my son’s karate instructor for almost three years. But anyone who knows Andy will tell you that he is so much more than a karate instructor.

Not only is Andy a world champion fifth-degree black belt, but he is also the most genuine and kind person I know. He cares about each and every one of his students as if they were his own, which is very evident if you ever watch him interact with them. They have fun in his class, but they also know when it’s time to be serious. As my son says, even when they are being serious he still teaches them in a fun way.

His teachable moments do not stop when they leave the dojo. Whether it’s giving them a pep talk before a tournament or helping them resolve a conflict at school, Andy always makes time for his students. He believes in them and helps them believe in themselves. He inspires these kids to do their best and never give up. Andy is a true leader, role model and genuinely great person. I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of this award.

Jorie Kasper nominates LyndaLee Landry. LyndaLee is the first person to greet you at Blue Point Primary School. She is always there. She knows every single child at the school and what they need. She plays a very strong role at the school, but does it behind the scenes and quietly. Everybody at Blue Point is very lucky to have such a wonderful person there for the support she gives them. She looks for nothing in return. The principal and all teachers always get appreciated, which they should. I believe we should all pat LyndaLee on the back and share a smile with her. She is a perfect example of a great person. If you do not know her, you should take five minutes of your day and meet her. You’ll quickly agree with me.

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