2018-05-18 / Letters

We’ve seen this routine before

To the editor,

At this point, the combined town budget was passed at Wednesday council meeting, probably by the usual 5-2 vote and $3,725,000 increase or more in spending over last year.

No doubt there were proclamations by the majority of 0-2 percent increase in the mil rate and we kept our word.

However, a few short weeks ago the increased spending was $400,000 less and the increase in mil rate was 4.2 percent.

How do we increase spending by nearly one half million dollars and your tax bill won’t increase but will go down?

Does there look like there is a problem with the math? Yes. Using the Council’s own written Policy, the tax rate increase is approx. 4.6 percent, not 0-2 percent stated Wednesday.

If that’s what the council wants to spend, let’s be honest about it and state it, using their own policy’s calculations.

We have seen this lack of transparency too often in our community.

For more details please visit SMARTaxes.com and Facebook Concerned Tax Payers.

Larry Hartwell

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